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See how you can support the work and research of AWCC and its membership dvisions.
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Become a Partner

Partner with us to publish world leading research in Payroll and EmployTech.

Research Partner

Partner with AWCC by providing a partial or full financial donation toward a specific research proposal or Campaign.

Corporate Partner

Support AWCCs current and future work by becoming a Corporate Partner and providing financial donations or physical donations of goods and equipment.

Staff Secondment Partner

Collaborate with AWCC with a secondment of staff for the period of a research project or campaign.

Benefits of partnering with us

Your logo on our research

All research partners will be listed on the cover page and able to promote the published research piece/campaign with AWCC.

Free memberships

All Partners will be offered a number of FREE affiliate and if eligible, memberships to one of our membership divisions.

Listed on our Partners Page

All AWCC Partners are listed on our Partners page and on our homepage.

Be in our Company Report

All AWCC Partners will be listed in our annual company report.

Get a cool logo

Show the world that you support AWCC and its work by geting a cool logo to put on your website and any your other marketing material.


Support your peak body and receive marketing opportunities. 

Sponsor Webinars

AWCC's membership dviisions will be running a number of webinars in 2024 and sponsorship opportunities will be avalable for each webinar.

Sponsor events

Our membership divisions will be working towards their first face to face events in 2024 and 2025. Sponsorship their events and promote your product/service.

Would you like to know more?

Contact AWCC for more information.