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Read about the council and each members role including AWCCs and its constituent members and divisions
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What is the Council?

The Australian Workforce Compliance Council Ltd is Australia’s only member owned peak body association that represents the interests of its Payroll Professionals and EmployTech members to all nine Australian Governments.

Our two membership divisions are:
1. Employment Technology Providers Australia (coming soon) and
2. Payroll Professionals Australia (coming soon).

Our other non member Divsions to be stood up at a later date are:
1. Standards Division (coming soon) and
2. A to be announced service division for Payroll Professionals and Employment Technology Providers.

Membership divisions are managed via a divisional management committee with their own charter which is delegated to them via the AWCC Board and the AWCC Constitution. Each division has a President who is also a Director on the board of AWCC Ltd.

AWCC's role in the Council

  • AWCC sets the strategy for AWCC and its Divisions. 
  • AWCC conducts research and campaigns in the interests of its members.
  • AWCC provides operations support, including systems such as web services, IT systems in cluding accounting & administration and events management.
  • AWCC acts as the one and only front facing entity to all 9 Governments and their portfolios.
  • AWCC empowers its membership divisions to focus on their strengths including events, education and training while AWCC takes care of the rest.
  • AWCC enables significant savings via a shared services model. Examples include one policy team instead of 3, one CEO instead of 3, less systems and pooling of assets.